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You don’t know how to play? No worries, our dealers will teach you how to play at all the tables you choose.

7 Players Each

Our Blackjack tables accommodate 7 players each, and we can offer a sit-down table if necessary. We also can change the minimum and maximum bets to add a variety of choices for your guests. We can bill out of a six-deck shoe or even offer single or double deck option depending on your desires.

Blackjack Bonus – Add a twist to the game by allowing side bets with a number of optional bonus games to choose from; Dealer Bust, Royal Match or Bet The Set just to name a few.

9 Players Each

Our eight-foot tables come with your choice of a 25-inch or 27-inch wheel, and you can choose a table with or without drink holders. Our 0 and 00 games allow inside bets as low as $1.00. Each table allows for 9 players. You can even track the previous winning numbers with an optional video monitor.

12-16 Players Each

Choose from a professional ten-foot or twelve-foot table, each with a drink rail and allowing for 12 to sixteen players at a time. We can also play with 3,4, and 5 times odds for the more experienced players.


7-10 Players Each

Texas Hold ’Em – Our 96-inch Texas Hold ’Em tables are made professionally by the same company that makes tables for Las Vegas Casinos and the World of Poker Tour. Each table holds up to 10 players with drink cups at each site. We offer regular or tournament style games.

Three Card Poker – We offer this 7-player exciting and easy to learn game with the 6-card bonus. This game is available in a sit-down version.

Let It Ride – We offer this fast paced, and simple poker-based game. Let It Ride is a popular game in Las Vegas Casinos with the player that wants something different than the normal games. It allows 7-players and is available in a sit-down version.

Poker Tournaments – Nor Cal Casino Parties has Professional Poker Tables for Poker Tournaments from one to ten tables.

Money Wheel

8 Players Each

Anyone can play this game. It is mostly luck and great for those players who do not like to play cards or dice. Just bet on any amount on the wheel. The game pays different odds based on the number chosen. The Money Wheel can accommodate up to 8-players.

Newest Games!

Fortune Pai Gow Poker

6 Players Each

Fortune Pai Gow Poker combines elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American game of poker. The game is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards, plus one joker. The Joker can be used only to complete any straight or any flush or as an ace. Object of the Game Each player at the table is dealt seven cards, which the player arranges to make two hands; a two-card hand and five-card hand. The five-card hand must always rank higher than the two-card hand. To win the wager, the player’s two-card hand must rank higher than the banker’s two-card hand and the player’s five-card hand must rank higher than the banker’s five-card hand. If the player’s hand wins, the player will be paid even money less a 5% commission. The dealer will collect the commission when the winning wager is paid. Should a player’s hand rank exactly the same as the banker’s hand, this is a tie. Ties are also called copy hands and the banker wins all copy hands. If the player wins one hand but loses the other, this is considered a “push” and no money is won or lost. Rules to Remember Once the player has set their high and low hand and placed them face down on the layout, the player may not touch the cards again. Players are not allowed to show or discuss their cards with other players, while setting their hands. Any player’s hand set incorrectly (e.g. the two-card hand ranks higher than the five-card hand, or the player puts three cards in one hand and four cards in the other) is an automatic loser or “fouled hand”. Players are responsible for arranging their own hand and should do so with care. The house banker must set their cards according to “house ways”. If an error is found, the hand must be reset according to the house way.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

7 Players Each

A Fun, fast paced poker game where each player is competing against the dealer. Like Texas Hold’em, each player and the dealer will receive two cards and share 5 community cards. The players place an ante, and may increase their bet during play. Players may also place a bonus “Trips” bet for more exciting action.



Add the optional Joker Prizes to all your games. When the Joker pops up, your guest will win a prize. You can supply special prizes to energize the play, or we have a variety of prizes to choose from. Choose from small plush animals, gift cards, trips, Flat Screen TVs, or whatever prize option you wish to choose.


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